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Nonprofit Services

Socially driven organizations are often limited by funding and human resources.  PathLynks can help alleviate or minimize these concerns so you can focus on fulfilling your mission.  The services and solutions we provide will allow individuals to create a path for a better future for themselves and their families. We can help build stronger communities and support your non-profit’s mission.

Our Services

Education Programs

We can implement a GED / ESL Programs on-site for your organization or individuals can attend our existing GED or ESL program.

Job Readiness

The key to landing a job is in the preparation: a resume, interviewing skills, presentation skills, job search, networking, etc.  We provide training and workshops so individuals are well prepared and knowledgeable in today's competitive job market.

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Job Training

Help individuals get the skills they need for jobs that will provide them economic prosperity.  We can implement a Job Training Program on-site for your organization or individuals can attend our existing Job Training Programs.

Event Planning

The logistics, resources and organization involved in pulling off a successful event can be overwhelming to many non-profits. PathLynks can take the stress off so you can focus on the purpose of the event.

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Customized Solutions

We also offer customized solutions to meet your business needs.  Please contact us for more details.

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