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How to Be Niche

How to Be Niche

Are you trying to be general in order to appeal to everyone?  My advice is to do the opposite. Be niche. Be specific. Spend extra time defining your specific target client or customer. Only target specific industries.  The more specifics you can speak to your target client to address their unique pain point, the better. The more unique your value, the more target clients you’ll attract. Also, people will pay premium for niche and deep expertise. Here are the 3 things to remember when defining your brand: - WHO do you want to serve? - WHAT do you do? - What VALUE do you give? Here are 5 examples of connections that have a laser focus on WHO they want to serve and the VALUE they offer them. Check out their profiles and niche headlines: Sarah Bell - "I help healthcare organizations develop impactful nurse leaders so they slash nursing turnover rates and create high performing teams that achieve exceptional patient care and key performance indicators." Michael Goldberg - "I help Startups on Talent Strategy Ready for Hyper-Growth" Trevor Houston - "I help job seekers get noticed and take control of the financial fears of job loss" Jake Jordan - "I help companies with a cause grow faster with frameworks and accountability" For me, Fanny Dunagan, I have keywords which I want to be found by such as "SAP Talent Acquisition" and "Employer Branding", who I serve, "Coaches and Consultants" and my value, "LinkedIn Content Tips". ----------------------------------- Connect with me on LinkedIn: Website:
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