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Do you need help reaching a bigger audience for your next event?  We organize business events for product launches, charity events, company hiring events / open house, networking events, workshops and much more.  Our end-to-end marketing and event planning ensures a successful event. 


One of our specialities is planning, managing and executing job fairs.  We have an understanding of the local cities and saw opportunities for increasing face-to-face interactions between employers and residents.  Our job fairs have become annual events and foster ongoing relationships between the community and businesses, as well as improving the local economy.


We plan:

Venue, Timeline & Budget




Branding & Marketing

We manage:

Attendee Registration

Event Logistics


Marketing Channels

We execute:

Venue Setup

Attendee Check-In


Marketing Materials

We follow up:

Attendee Feedback

Event Review

Continuous Improvement


ONE Fourteen Job Fair

The TX-114 Transportation Corridor has been experiencing huge growth over the last few years and more developments are on the way.  The ONE Fourteen Job Fair is a premier event that caters to the hiring needs of new and existing companies in the nearby cities and attract professional candidates. This year's event had 20 employers hiring for 2500 job openings and 500 job seekers in attendance.

Grapevine Job Fair

The Grapevine Job Fair started in 2013 and has become an annual city event that is currently in its fourth year.  This year's event in April attracted over 50 employers with 1700 job openings.  400 job seekers attended and over 200 interviews were conducted or scheduled.

To Hire at our Job Fairs

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