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Employer Services

A company’s success is built on the talent and skill of its people.  As your organization grows and prospers, finding qualified employees that are also a good cultural fit becomes increasingly important.  PathLynks recognizes this crucial need and provides services and partnership opportunities to support your organization’s business needs.

Our Services

Project Management & Coordination

If you have any short or long term projects that you don’t have the bandwidth for, we will be happy to work with you to manage the project and its deliverables to your specifications.

Education Programs

We can implement GED/ESL Programs on-site for your organization or individuals can attend our existing GED or ESL Program.

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Event Planning

Planning and executing events can take valuable resources away from your core business.  Let us help you plan your next event from start to finish including logistics, communication & marketing, and final execution.

Customized Training

We can create and conduct customized training sessions or workshops onsite for your specific business or your employees can attend our existing training sessions or workshops.

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Partner with Us

Internships & Mentorships

Want to mentor or provide internship to those starting their career or re-entering the workforce?  We can help set up those opportunities and match you with skilled job seekers.


If you are interested in sponsoring any of our community events, there are numerous benefits such as company brand awareness, targeted marketing and access to various distribution channels.

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Training Seminars & Workshops

We can partner with key members of your team to be guest speakers at our training programs and provide valuable job readiness advice and support.

Job Fairs

Since 2014, our annual job fair has attracted a wide demographic of job seekers.  We can also manage a job fair or hiring event customized to your business needs.

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Customized Solutions

We also offer customized solutions to meet your business needs.  Please contact us for more details.

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